Seprod’s Profit Jumps. YoY Revenue Growth Rate Falls To Single Digits – Mar 2020 (Q1)

Seprod Ltd (SEP) recently reported their March 2020 (Q1) results. Here are the highlights.

This is just a summary, but for more charts, ratios and other details visit SEP’s page here

This Quarter (2020Q1) vs Same Quarter Last Year

  • Revenue totaled $9.13b vs $8.59b (6.33%)
    While total revenue continues to grow, it’s growing at a slower rate YoY than previous quarters. The YoY growth in revenue has been declining over the last 5 to 6 quarters (see chart below)

  • Cost Of Sales / Direct Expenses of -$6.37b vs -$6.30b (1.10%)
  • Gross Profit was $2.75b vs $2.28b (20.81%)
  • Operating Profit totaled $1.10b vs $834.82m (32.36%)
  • Finance Costs totaled -$279.94m vs -$287.38m (-2.59%)
  • Income Tax totaled -$207.70m vs -$115.38m (80.01%)
  • Net Income (Profit) totaled $647.33m vs $450.62m (43.65%)
    Benefiting from efforts made in prior years to strengthen the business fundamentals including (consolidation of the dairy factories, increasing exports and expanding the distribution footprint through the acquisition of the Facey Consumer business)
  • Comprehensive Income was $655.42m vs $280.92m (133.31%)

Revenue (QTD)

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