Market Insights: EPLY Tops Worse Performers… BUT – Jan 16, 2021

Welcome to The MoneyMax Market Insight for this week.

The insights for the week ending Fri Jan 15, 2021 are below.

EPLY saw a significant 26% drop in its price this week. The stock first fell 17% on Weds and another 30% on Thurs (when huge volumes were traded), before finally recovering, by advancing 26% on Friday.

However, this 26% drop in price may not last for long, as based on the current orders, buyers are bidding as much as 7% more than the $20 close price ($22.06), while sellers are asking asking for at least 8% more, $22.45. What do you think? Will it recover?

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Most traded stocks this week – ranked based on number of trades.

Company Rank Movement Close Vol
Mailpac Group Ltd 1 Advanced 3.74 5.2m
Derrimon Trading Company Ltd 2 Advanced 2.38 29.6m
Jamaican Teas Ltd 3 Advanced 2.37 5.7m
NCB Financial Group Ltd 4 Declined 138.91 87.7k
Wigton Windfarm Ltd 5 Declined 0.74 9.6m
Wisynco Group Ltd 6 Declined 16.22 222.1k
QWI Investments Ltd 7 Advanced 0.81 9.4m
Jamaica Money Market Brokers Group Ltd 8 Declined 32.69 273.7k
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