Lasco Distributors Hit Over $20 Billion in Sales For 2021

Lasco Distributors hit a record of $20 billion sales in 12 months for 2021

The company’s profits are also back up, to over $900 million. Profits fell over the last 2 years below $600m in 2019. Good to see the results coming back up consistently

What’s amazing is the money they are making from the Pharmaceutical division

Look at this, Pharmaceutical sales are less than 20% of total sales. Right, less than 20% of $20 billion (that’s $3.7 billion) but contributes almost one-third of profits

There is about an 8% margin on pharmaceuticals vs a 3.6% margin on their consumer sales

One thing that needs to be addressed though is their receivables, the money outstanding to be collected. It’s a massive $2.5 billion. And on top of that they owe a good amount to Lasco Manufacturing as well

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