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Be Average. Be Normal. Play It Safe.

They will push you to fit in, to dress alike, to use the same tools, to fit the format.

They are the high school English teacher in love with his rubric and the book editor who needs you to fit in with the program. “That’s the way we do things around here.” They are the well-meaning productivity guru who wants you to get faster, not better, and the social media consultant who is driving with his rear-view mirror. Continue Reading


Digicel-Claro deal. Bad from the start? 5 Key Questions re the merger.

When the news broke last night the Andrew Holness signed some agreement to remove the stipulation for Digicel to operate the Claro network separately, there seemed to be immediate shock and disbelief. I think the biggest realization though, was that this would be ‘it’ for consumers. I think most persons were just shocked that what they feared was happening: a monopoly. Continue Reading


Not A Friend in the World for Poor Old Sir Allen Standford

by Sidious Sid

If you ever harbor any inclinations towards a life of ponzi scheming, if even for a second, you may want to consider the sad case of inmate 35017-183.

Once No. 205 on Forbes’ list of richest Americans. Once he had a flock of women whom he would take on private jet flights across the world. Once he wore expensive tailored suits and lived in luxury home. Once, he was addressed by all as Sir.

Now, everything has changed for the Texas financier who is now in jail, awaiting trial for allegedly operating a $7 billion Ponzi scheme from Stanford International Bank Ltd, his offshore bank on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Now his life is devoid of all the luxurious amenities it had before. Nobody calls him “Sir,” and it seems all his friends have disappeared.

“Stanford’s defense is paid for with U.S. tax dollars and his 81-year-old mother is struggling to help.”

“I’ve maxed out my credit cards and I’m on my last few thousand dollars of savings,” said Sammie Stanford in a recent interview. (She has also had to reverse mortgage her house).

The man who once ran a business with operations in 140 countries has different priorities now. In a recent court hearing he could be heard complaining about being served a peanut butter sandwich on stale bread.

If convicted, Standford is expected to spend the rest of his life in jail.

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