Another Teacha’s Pet? Lime Signs 3 Year Deal With “Next Usain Bolt”

Most people have probably never heard of Kirani James (a Grenadian sprinter), or even more that he has been “touted as the next Usain Bolt,” (I really dunno by who). He is however the reigning 400M World Champion and the new signatory of spanking hot 3 year contract with LAIME.

James..."touted to be the Next Usain Bolt" - Gotta see that to believe it.

No details have been revealed about the nature of the deal. It is expected though that James will “support LIME’s business ventures in the Caribbean, make personal appearances and be featured in ad campaigns.”

Most people would have thought that LIME would try to sponsor the ACTUAL next Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, or the other fastest man in the world Asafa Powell, or the trailer load of Jamaican  female runners who will more likely than not, mine more gold than a leprechaun’s bucket could hold. Those stars have been long established, have a brand to themselves and actually compete in the crowd grabbing races. But hey, LAIME of course, does not think like most people.

By the way, the story on Forbes sounds more like a sale’s pitch for Lime than a researched, fact-based news story.

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