Aww Man! Jamaica Losing $529 million a Year to Crime…and Trinidad?

The findings are in from what the U.N. said it “was the largest survey ever to focus on crime in the Caribbean.” Almost nothing stated is new or news. Perhaps the one thing of substantial value is that they were able to put a figure on the cost of crime to Caribbean nations.

Tell us something we dont know! | by Noukka Signe

The report, which was unveiled in Trinidad and Tobago concluded that crime is wreaking havoc on the economies of almost every Caribbean country.

Every Caribbean nation except Barbados and Suriname reported a spike in homicide rates and gang-related killings over the past 12 years even as violent crime has fallen or stabilized in most other places across the globe, according to the 2012 Caribbean Human Development Report.

All news that we have heard before. The question is, when will something be done?

report in Trinidad.

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