Now That’s A Big Deal Grace! 50 Percent by 2020!

If Grace Kennedy has its way, in the next 8 years it will increase its profits outside Jamaica by a whopping 30 percent. Talk about ambition! big picture – it would mean that in 2020 Grace’s profits outside Jamaica would be an enviable 50 per cent , instead of the current 20 per cent per year.

A round of applause for GK! | Photo by garryknight

Now that deserves a round of applause.

According to Grace Group CEO Don Wehby, “one of the first big steps taken towards becoming a global consumer group was a US$50-million investment in a United Kingdom-based company WT Foods.” The company has since been renamed GK UK, and currently exports Grace products to Germany.

Additionally, Grace Kennedy’s popular Tropical Rhythms drinks, which are manufactured here in Jamaica, are exported to Ghana in West Africa, where, according to Wehby, they are in very high demand.

Wehby added that to become the serious global consumer group it envisions, it will have to “commit to investing in manufacturing in Jamaica because that has to be the base.” Another round of applause.

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