Big Money For Jamaica (Whole Caribbean) As Aviation Grows!

Even as one new Caribbean airline whines about its ability to stay afloat, we are getting word that “Passenger numbers in Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to almost triple from their 2010 figures  in 18 years.

The number of visitors is expected to jump from 145.9 million in 2010 to 438.9 million in 2030, according to a recent reported entitled “Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders.”The report, produced by the Air Transport Action Group and Oxford Economics (ATAG), “outlines an industry that its authors say plays a larger role in Latin America, Caribbean and global economy than many would expect”.

In addition to air passenger growth, the report also found that “cargo volumes are projected to rise 6.1 percent a year.”

Aviation is being identified as one of the major driving forced behind economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean where it has created more than 4 million jobs and contributed $107 billion to national earnings. Aviation, the report further states, supports 56.6 million jobs worldwide and contributes $2.2 trillion of the world’s gross domestic product.

“In Latin America and the Caribbean alone aviation directly employs over 465,000 people,” ATAG Executive Director Paul Steele said.

He continued:

“If we include indirect employment at suppliers to the industry, induced employment from spending by aviation industry employees and the jobs in tourism that air transport makes possible, this increases the regional figure to 4.6 million jobs.”

With news like this, it is hoped that the Caribbean will continue to find ways to maximize this industry. (We still think REDjet sucks by the way).

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