Caribbean Tourism Imprisoned By Crime

One of the Caribbean’s major income earners is slowly being stifled by the cursed hands of crime. Unfortunately the volatile economies of the region are experiencing its horrifying effects, and soon it will have to rest in peace (R.I.P). Before things begin the spiral out of control, the governments of the respective nations within the region have been alerted and will now concoct an ingenious medicine to remedy the situation.


Crime has had a real impact on regional tourismvCreative Commons License how will i ever

Perry Christie, Prime minister of the Bahamas at the opening of the CHTA’s recent Marketplace event at Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island said violence, robbery and theft were menacing the tourism industry. He said

 “Hear me clearly when I say that there is absolutely nothing that represents a bigger threat to the future viability of our tourism based economy than the scourge of crime. This is a problem that we underestimate at our peril. It is a major problem for all of us…”

Can the leaders of the region release tourism from this bondage?

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