IMF Deal Turns The Light On For The Government

*sips cup of Hot Chocolate*

Here’s some good coming out of the soon to be signed International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal. It’s alarming the amount of money the government sets aside to service its electricity expense per year- THIRTEEN (13) BILLION DOLLARS! That is J $35,616,438.36 per day! ¬†With the national debt rising, one would have thought the government would have been smart to have cut costs on electricity years ago to minimize the effect it was having on the nation’s pocket. It’s sad that it took external sources to impart such knowledge on our highly appreciated government body.

Moon Rise behind the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm

Windmill farm. Are we doing enough about renewables? / Photo by Creative Commons License Chuck Coker

“It is a critical component of the IMF agreement to reduce our electricity bill and we will have to do so by specific amounts.”- Minister of Energy & Technology Philip Paulwell

You might be in opposition to this IMF agreement, but be grateful that because of it, our government is becoming more proactive in how money is being spent- at least where electricity is concerned.

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