Coconut Water Energy Drink?! Guyana May Be On To Something.

Yes it’s true. Foreign investors are checking out the possibility of importing coconut water from Guyana into the United States as part of what could be a new energy drink.

Guyanese based Stabroek news reports;

It may not be a game-changer as far as foreign investment in the Guyana economy is concerned but the recent announcement that coconut water imported into the United States from Guyana could be used in the manufacture of an energy drink that will target the high-end US market has already set tongues wagging in the region.

And it seems they’re really liking the idea of getting from Guyana. The Jamaica Observer reports them saying;

“We definitely found the resources (in Guyana). It’s only a matter of building the right resources for us to get the right quantities and the right quality of coconut water,” Papanastasatos said.

The investors are looking for the organically produced coconut water, which he said is the best selling in North America, even as the practice of applying chemicals in farming is well known.

The Jamaica ObserverΒ reported on it here.

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