Forbe’s Writer Shares Caribbean Super Bowl Perspective for Big Company Marketers

How do you leverage human relationships, camaraderie and community with the aim of making your business better, your product more known, and your reach more profitable? Christa Carone, CMO of Xerox has much to say in her article, “A Caribbean Perspective On The Super Bowl: Big Marketers Can Learn From Island Entrepreneurs.”

by marsmet543

Carone writes of her Super Bowl experience in the Caribbean and about how local marketers use community as a means of boosting their impact.

The trick, of course, is taking this camaraderie and turning it into business. However I’d argue that these folks actually have that figured out. As members of a shared, lean-in community, businesses already have customer buy-in and have forged real connections between buyer and seller – which, every CMO will tell you, is key to making a sale.

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