How Cuba’s Luck, Could Be Florida’s (& the US’s) Worst Nightmare

The United States has tried its best to crush the resilient island of Cuba for some 50 years now, and have not been able to break their will. Now, Cuba’s move into off-shore oil drilling – just 60 miles from Florida, may demand the US and Cuba to kiss and make up.


Do you remember the BP oil spill that sent “millions of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico,” for 3 months in 2010? Well the potential of having that kind of oil spill is exactly why Florida  – has virtually ‘banned’ anything related to drilling. Now Florida’s worst nightmare has begun. Cuba has started drilling for oil some 30 miles off its own shore, between 60-70 miles of the coast of Florida. 60 miles is like a 100M dash in a major oil spill. “The amount of Louisiana shoreline affected by oil grew from 287 miles (462 km) in July to 320 miles (510 km) in late November 2010.”(Read)

Essentially therefore, Florida’s US$60 billion tourism and fishing industry would be absolutely devastated if a major spill were to occur

Economic Advantages for the Caribbean

Jamaica is in a similar position with Florida. It is not clear how far the drilling is occurring in relation to Jamaica (which is just 90 miles away from Cuba), however, a major oil spill would devastate our beaches. fishes, corals and more.

On the bright side – Cuba and Jamaica have been buddies since forever. I am pretty sure we would be able to get some discounted oil if our brothers and sisters strike it rich!

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