Sorry Harry. JK Rowling’s Magic Money Gone?

Everyone, everywhere knows about Harry Potter – in fact, they say that “every 30 seconds, someone begins reading Harry Potter.” It is that fame, fueled through endless book sales, merchandising and movies that made J.K. Rowling the first female billionaire novelist – up until last week.

Harry Potter books being delivered to Barnes and Nobles back in 2007

Just last week it was revealed that Rowling no longer holds the title and has consequently been dropped from the Forbes list of the World’s Billionaires. If you are a Harry fan, your heart is probably as heavy as a moving truck right now, but don’t worry. Rowling isn’t going broke. Nor is she particularly afflicted with economic loss.

“New information about Rowlings’ estimated $160 million in charitable giving combined with Britain’s high tax rates bumped the ‘Harry Potter’ scribe from our list this year,” stated Forbes.

So there you have it – the big bad government and a big good heart are the reasons why Rowling, who was just on the threshold of billionaire-ship, has descended again into simply being a poor millionaire.

An additional 128 others joined Rowling as she made her way off the list. Cheer up Harry fans – at least she has company! billionaires


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