Imax To Expand In Caribbean! Won’t Be Cheap Though

Hopefully soon, there will be more Imax theatres in the Caribbean! And yes, that’s great news! Not to knock our beloved cinemas which already exist in our various Caribbean territories, but, now, we can definitely look forward to an undeniably high quality movie-watching experience. All this information was disclosed at a recent forum held at the University of the West Indies, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (Lok Jack GSB) on July 25, 2013.

Imax, the global 3D cinema enterprise with more than 738 theatres in 53 countries, will expand to another Caribbean territory before it builds a second screen in T&T, the local Digicel Imax owner has confirmed. Ingrid Evelyn Jahra, the chief executive officer of, the exclusively licensed exhibitor-owner of the Imax digital theatre system, made the confirmation following her presentation at “Women at the Helm,” an event hosted by Lok Jack GSB’s Alumni Relations Centre.

Imax Theatre Photo by Thomas Hawk

Imax Theatre Photo by Thomas Hawk

With all this excitement, you would have thought that we would have known where they’re expanding to next, apart from their already booming presence in Trinidad and Tobago; clearly it’s time to mention that the new territory hasn’t been mentioned yet. Just saying.

But, having patience will be worth it; to make things even more outstanding, Digicel is on board as the title sponsor. And you know that once Digicel is involved, quality follows soon after. They’re speaking about the overall project being a $25m investment. Wooa, pricey for one screen!

Well at least the other theatres will have time to prepare for any possible competition. Speaking of which, Ingrid Evelyn said, simply put, other theatres will have to just have to improve on their infrastructure to compete. ‘For older cinemas to survive they need to re-engineer perhaps their content and/or their infrastructure’.   Confidence in world-class quality indeed!

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