Jamaica Already Starting the Party in London

All eyes will be focused on London this summer and you know those darn Jamaicans love nothing more than to hog the spotlight! (Yay!)

It appears the plans to paint the city Black, Green and Gold are as grand as the events are exciting. Whats more – the plans start as early as this month!

It has been reported that “the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), in collaboration with the Government, through Jamaica Trade and Invest (JAMPRO), will roll out several events in the United Kingdom this month and March to promote ‘Brand Jamaica’ in the lead-up to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, in London.”

The aim, of course is very much money related (or we wouldn’t be covering it).

There is will be a ‘Meet Jamaica’ initiative showcasing (that means marketing so as to increase future sales) a range of Jamaican products and services. Obviously, the aim is that when Jamaica (we pray) blazes the track and captures the hearts of everyone in London, there will be adequate supply, of all things Jamaican, to meet the demand.

Here is the expected calendar of future events:

  • London, Birmingham and Brixton – July 27 to August 12; and the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence, on August 6.
  • ‘Meet Jamaica’ calendar include: the three-day Food & Drink Expo which will be held in Birmingham NEC, and JAMPRO’s Annual Investment Forum, slated for March 25-27 and 29 respectively.
  • “Jamaica Village”, at Finsbury Park in London – August 2-12
  • “Jamaica in the Square”, at Victoria Square in Birmingham –  August 2-12
  • These two last events are expected to attract more than 200,000 patrons who will be exposed to the Jamaican lifestyle, sports, music and cuisine.

[This is by the way is a very good time to remember yesterday’s article about why Barbados could never overtake Jamaica, or Trinidad as the cultural leaders of the Caribbean. – Ha! Now That’s Funny! Barbados To Be The Cultural Capital of the Caribbean by 2020!]

The ‘Meet Jamaica’ initiative has been going on for sometime now, having been launched over 2 years ago in Kingston. The UK launches occurred in London and Birmingham last year March “and, continued with the high profile fashion event, London Fashion Week, which was held February 17 – 20 at Charing Cross Hotel, Regency Room in London.”

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