Proposed Tax Package Makes PSOJ Unhappy

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) members are unable to “turn the frown the oda way aroun'” after reading into the new tax measures proposed by the Jamaican government recently, in addition to the vision projected by the government for the country’s economy.

New Taxes! Beware.

New Taxes! Beware.Creative Commons License 401(K) 2012

“The lobby group pointed out that while they recognised the government’s need for revenue and as such expected a tax package to be forthcoming for the new budget year, it was not expected that such a massive package would be pushed on to the Jamaican people, without first seeking consultation with the private sector and other stakeholders. The organisation believes that the new taxes fly in the face of proposals for comprehensive tax reform which the PSOJ continues to believe arecritical to economic prosperity.”

Do you think it was necessary for the Government to consult with the PSOJ before tabling these new tax measures?

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