JPS Squeals Over Loss In Profit and Revenue

The fattest piggy in the pen is now losing pounds. The farmer is searching for a cause and what seems to be the reason is quite plausible, but nobody really cares (or do they?). This piggy that we are making reference to is none other than the Jamaica Public Service, the a provider of electric power in Jamaica. They recently released news that their revenue and profit figures for the previous accounting period(2012) would be less than what it was in the former period (2011). Too much stress on the poor piggy’s heart?


Somebody check this piggy, she’s about to blow! Photo by   Oscar Chávez!


“JPS revenues dipped by almost US$12 million to US$1.14 billion (J$106b) for the year…”

Should we sympathize? Or should we brace for higher charges?

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