Trinidad Shows Uganda A Thing Or Two About Building A Serious Oil And Gas Industry

Trinidad & Tobago and Uganda are building deeper ties on the basis of energy management as Uganda looks toward building their oil and gas industry.

Irene Muloni, T&T’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, filled with pride regarding the progress and success that Trinidad’s industry has had throughout the years, reached out to Uganda and offered to give them a few tips on how to get it right. It is indeed good that she is able to attest to the fact that the building this sector has directly led to the strong economy of Trinidad and Tobago, leading to a pleasurable standard of living for residents.

Uganda stands to benefit from Trinidad and Tobago’s vast experience in the development and management of the oil and gas industry. So said Irene Muloni, that country’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, as she wrapped up a study tour to T&T over the weekend.

Trinidad showing Uganda the engery game plan

Trinidad showing Uganda the engery game plan

Muloni led a ten-man Ugandan delegation on a week-long visit on the invitation of the T&T government, and called for the deepening and broadening of the bilateral relations between the two countries.

The agreement will be geared towards helping Uganda to achieve a similar standard of living through the proper management of their oil and gas resources. If this is built, then Ugandans can look forward to the provision of more jobs also, resulting from a worthwhile pump of investments into the building of their economy.

Hmm, so what is Trinidad getting out of it; is this meant to add brownie points to their collection? Well, let’s look at the details and also commend the Caribbean nation for giving back to the world in this kind of fashion; showing the world what a CARICOM nation really can do.

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