Domino’s Jamaica Open 12th Pizza Store Downtown Kingston

On Wednesday, Wisynco Foods Limited, the franchise holder for Domino’s in Jamaica, opened its 12th pizza store and first for downtown Kingston.

The store, which employs 15, is being used as testing ground for a new concept referred to as ‘Pizza Theatre’, which allows customers a cinematic view of the food preparation process.

Domino’s, which already claims 65 per cent of the local pizza market, is aiming for an even bigger share through expansion.

The current store at 19-21 King Street, which will have its banner opening on August 26, is to be joined later this year by a 13th at Sovereign North on Barbican Road in Liguanea, and two more at undisclosed locations in 2014, according to Wisynco Foods CEO Sean Scott.

The downtown store is also rolling out a one-slice summer deal costing J$150 per slice. [Source: Gleaner]

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