Vieques – Investing in the Middle of Nowhere

It runs counter to many modern, city-cultured and hyper-commercialized minds to take their money and invest in unknown, unexplored destinations. Hopefully the success of Vieques – a tiny islet I bet you have never heard of – will let you reconsider your definition of “good investment.”

A woman frolics in Isabel II, Vieques, PR.

Located just eight miles off the mainland of Puerto Rico and only accessible by way of ferry or plane, the undeniable allure of Vieques to those that visit is in its unspoilt beauty complemented by incredibly artistic buildings. 

…Vieques reveals itself as a tranquil tableau of rugged mountainside, wild horse herds, and eerie bioluminescent bays. What’s most intriguing is its increasingly—and surprisingly—sophisticated art, architecture, and design scene. Recent arrivals have put it on the map—the W Vieques Retreat and Spa, a 157-room hideaway opened in 2010, and nearby in the tiny hamlet of Esperanza, the Malecón House was unveiled with 10 contemporary-design rooms.

Just recently the Vice-President of Caribbean and Maritime Media at international sports network ESPN Bernard Stewart, challenged the Jamaican government to bite into the $600 Billion  sports tourism pie. Maybe the success of Vieques will encourage Jamaica to explore some other forms of tourism that does not include 600 billion slabs-of-concrete.

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