Watch it Sandals – The Martha Stewart Brand May Be Too Confusing!

And that’s not even our word. We took it straight from the… yeah you guessed it.

This is a follow up to our recently published article – Wait No More! Martha Stewart-Sandals Partnership Official.

We are excited for the possibility of Martha Stewart Themed Weddings that are now available at Sandals Resorts (have been from 2010). I know a few people are. What we find intriguing however is a statement by the popular US Based publication USA Today that that the Martha Stewart brand may be overcrowded.

Wow - From Weddings to Cupcakes!

Wow - From Weddings to Cupcakes!

In an article titled ‘Is Martha Stewart’s brand too confusing?’ on February 27, 2012, the article made a very peculiar statement at the end of a paragraph while seeking to driving home the point that the brand may be spread too thin; they end by saying… ‘The betrothed can even seal the deal with a Martha Stewart-themed destination wedding at Sandals resorts in the Caribbean.’

Imagine That. Are they are insinuating that possibly the Martha Stewart Brand may have gone too far, stretching even into themed weddings? Watch it Sandals! The article further quotes Michael Stone, CEO of a brand licensing agency Beanstalk as saying

“If you ask 50 people what the Martha Stewart brand stood for, you’d get a lot of different answers, which is not really what a brand is all about,” he says. “A brand is a consistent image in people’s minds.”

Martha Stewart Brand – Rapid Expansion

In fact, the brand has seen rapid expansion recently. The magazine reports;

In the last five years, Stewart has formed a slew of relationships to sell her products either directly to retailers or to manufacturers who distribute her products to multiple retailers. Starting with the Martha Stewart Collection for Macy’s in 2007, the brand has expanded to include crafts sold at places including Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabric, home improvement items at Home Depot, pet supplies at PetSmart, and home office supplies at Staples. The betrothed can even seal the deal with a Martha Stewart-themed destination wedding at Sandals resorts in the Caribbean.

Strong Growth in Sales

However the Martha Stewart Brand from all accounts seems to be a well established and accepted name, which is also its strength. The same article reports;

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia generated more than a billion dollars in retail sales last year, up from about $750 million in 2010, with 8,500 products in more than 38,000 stores nationwide. Martha Stewart merchandise makes up about a fifth of the brand’s revenue. Hers is the No. 1-selling home brand at Macy’s. And 2010 research from Home Depot shows that selling Martha Stewart products at the chain led to customers buying more.

Establishing such a successful brand undoubtedly creates challenges. Organizations tend to face this challenge sometimes – maximizing its brand without overcrowding and losing focus or spreading too thin. Could it be expanding too much?

In recent years the brand has expanded to include everything from pet supplies to office supplies. The article even joked that she could now add sticky notes and filing cabinets to make her collection complete. Maybe its time for an overhaul – who knows.

Never mind that however, go ahead and have your themed style wedding! The Sandals brand is unparalleled and the winner of umpteen awards, and I’m sure they would only partner with the best.

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