Digicel Interested In Soon To Be Liberalized Myanmar

Similar to the strategy used to enter Jamaica and a number of the other Caribbean islands, Digicel is taking an interest in the soon to be liberalised Myanmar. Companies are expected to submit their bids by January 25, 2013 indicating their interest in receiving a telecoms license in the Asian Country. Myanmar borders China, and is close to India, Bangladesh and Thailand.

As the Financial Times reports

Myanmar, which has a population estimated at between 55m and 60m, has among the lowest rates of telecoms coverage in Asia, with fixed-line coverage of about 1 per cent and about 5.5m mobile phone subscribers representing a 9 per cent penetration rate, compared with 70 per cent in Cambodia and more than 110 per cent in Thailand, according to government figures.

This would be another huge move for Digicel, a company already successful in the Caribbean.

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