JMMB, Lasco Financials Increase Over 20% in April Alone! – April 2013 Jamaican Stock Market Performance

Earlier this week, my brother reinforced a very solid point to me. He referred to a quote that he recently heard which emphasized the point, that in every market, throughout every different period in history (whether it was 9/11 or the great depression), despite how bleak it looked, you always had some people who were still making money. I think this quote is quite applicable right here.

However I understand though, if people feel pessimistic about investing in equities.

I understand, because I even found it difficult to recommend a few good stocks to my friend, when she asked me last week. The truth is, since the year 2013 has started, the stock market has been going down. Year to date, the main market is down 4.75% and the junior market is also down 1.75%. In essence, almost all the stocks have seen their price fall from where they were in December 2012.

But alas, there is still hope! Look at these stocks, and how much they advanced for the month of April 2013 alone. I think this reinforces the point that even in a bad market, you will still have good performers. When you have a market where the average price appreciation is less than 1% for the month, yet you have stocks advancing between 6% and 29%, then it shows that we cannot just look at the market alone.

Investing in stocks should be a key part of your portfolio, as you will reap the benefits over the long term. If you want to buy stocks, I think now while the market is down would be the best time, as a lot of the stocks are way below what they used to be, and when they increase, like how they increased in April, you’ll be in a good position :).

Top ten advancers for April 2013 (month)

  1. 29.03% – Jamaica Money Market Brokers
  2. 22.75% – Lasco Financial Services Limited
  3. 16.30% – GraceKennedy Limited
  4. 10.01% – Scotia Group Jamaica
  5. 9.59% – Honey Bun Limited
  6. 9.00% – Sagicor Life Jamaica
  7. 8.36% – Kingston Wharves
  8. 8.33% – Berger Paints (Jamaica)
  9. 6.71% – Access Financial Services Limited
  10. 5.83% – AMG Packaging & Paper Company Limited

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