If LIME Jamaica Was A Movie

It would probably be the roots play version of Titanic. You get the idea that they are trying to display something like Titanic – something grand and unforgettable, but instead of Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslett in breathless love on a stately ship, you have Shebada and Delcita with corny chatter on grubby boat.

For a company of its stature and significance it is frightening how often LIME gets it wrong. Make no mistake – the survival of LIME Jamaica is significant to Jamaica’s telecommunications industry and to the entire economy. We cannot therefore stand idly by and continue to watch LIME ruin LIME.

Start Dropping the Right People

Seriously, LIME needs to clean house. It needs to look at itself and adjust its sails. In other words, instead of dropping every spokesperson it signs, LIME should just go straight to the root of the darn problem and fix its clearly blunder-prone executives!

If you think I’m exaggerating, just try and answer the following 3 questions:

1. How do you have 3 major spokespersons flop in less than 12 months and not adjust?

Clff Twang Brown – Fail. Teacha’s Pet – Fail. Potential Kidd – Fail.

The problem with LIME continues to be a penchant for confusing impulsiveness with responsiveness. As I wrote way back on November 7, 2011, the critically flawed “endorsement deals show LIME’s confounding propensity to grab at things they “feel” will amuse and amaze the public, but which everyone knows (or should know) could never be sustained on their own merit.”

It was true in June and November 2011. It is true in April 2012. Shouldn’t LIME adjust its sails?

2. How do you allow over 1 Million Digicel Customers activate the $8.99 plan and you still not respond?

Digicel Jamaica 8.99 Rate Campaign

Digicel Jamaica 8.99 Rate Campaign

This one goes STRAIGHT to the top. When DIGICEL launched its $8.99 plan, LIME was fast asleep. They claimed they were going to respond shortly. In just 3 weeks, 1 million Jamaicans activated Digicel’s one rate plan.

What has been LIME’s response? Instead of finding some way to magically comeback in the 4th quarter like Tebow, LIME is busily, unnecessarily and imprudently promoting misogynistic, homophobic and perverted lyrics to Jamaican children.

Shouldn’t LIME adjust its sails?

3. How can a company that is operating at a loss afford to infuriate its whole striking market?

It was just 2 months ago that Manager Director of the LIME Jamaica Garry Sinclair was whining about how his company is “making a loss” due to what he described as an “unfair regulatory climate.”

Doesn’t LIME realize that Jamaicans would be more inclined to believe that things were bad for them because of things outside their control (like an unfair regulatory framework), if they would just stop giving us so many examples that their troubles are all their fault?

Again I ask, shouldn’t LIME adjust its sails?

Our Advice to LIME

1. “There Is No Secret Sauce”, So Stop Grabbing for Air.

In October 2011 @kharlar, wrote a most insightful post, giving 3 lessons for LIME in light of the backlash the company faced for the “Teacha’s Pet.” The 3 points made in that article are still fiercely relevant today.

  1. Be mindful of who represents your brand.

  2. Focus on your product/service rather than gimmicks.

  3. Ensure that endorsements align with company culture.

2. Learn from Digicel

You (LIME), the FTC brought Digicel to court. You went on and on about how unfair Digicel was being with its cross network rates. What did Digicel do? Perform at Sting? No, they introduced a most devastating one rate plan with one of the most impeccably crafted marketing blitz ever. (Silencing everybody).

Where is Digicel today? Promoting electricity conservation! You LIME, are no longer a concern to them.

All is not lost however. Please realize that though Digicel may soon be a monopoly in the telecommunications field, it certainly does not now own a monopoly on creativity and quality.

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