How Much Money Does “Bob Marley” Make Each Year?

Are you ready for this? According to the Algemeiner “over $1 billion in revenue per year” is  “generated from the Bob Marley name.” That is 1 thousand million United States dollars or as much as $85-90 billion Jamaican depending on the daily exchange rate.

by EricGjerde

If you’re not too impressed with the figure as yet, just consider that Jamaica’s national budget for 2012 is going to be just over $500 billion when it is finally settled.

How Much Money Will Bob Make This Year?

As if it couldn’t get any better – the new documentary “Marley is set to open this year. With shots of the young, handsome, inspiring legend captured candidly in ways the world has never seen him before – it is expected that the movie will draw Marley admirers globally.

That crowd, it is to be expected, will send that billion dollar sales belt booming. What a fitting fortune for Jamaica’s favorite son, in the country’s 50th year!

Watch the official trailer of “Marley” here.


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